Our Team

Phoebe Suina

With a background in environmental engineering and management, Ms. Suina has managed multi-million dollar emergency and disaster assistance projects for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), in addition to her previous career at the US Department of Energy (DOE) and Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) for post-Cerro Grande fire erosion, sediment control, debris flow and flood hazard mitigation. She also has led environmental compliance and environmental remediation efforts for over 10 years on DOE and LANL projects. Ms. Suina has also worked for the US Bureau of Reclamation, where she completed water resources engineering project design, operation and maintenance on the nation’s rivers and waterways.


Ms. Suina currently manages emergency and disaster assistance projects for High Water Mark’s clients. This involves meetings with client and funding agency staff, documentation of all project activities, expenditures and records management, and project closeout. She is meticulous in her record keeping and takes pride in her attention to detail.


Ms. Suina earned bachelor degrees in environmental engineering and engineering sciences and a graduate degree in engineering management, all from the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College. Ms. Suina is from San Felipe and Cochiti Pueblos. She is very active in the traditional culture of her respective Pueblos. She continues to assist and share her knowledge and skills with the Pueblo communities.

Thomas Teegarden

A new member of the High Water Mark team, Mr. Tom Teegarden brings 35+ years of executive-level business and management experience in the public and private sectors with an emphasis on leadership for tribally-owned enterprises. He has managed large, mature organizations as well as developed “start-ups” into regional and national players. As Vice President for High Water Mark, Mr. Teegarden focuses on business processes, quality management, and new business development. He brings to the team hands-on experience in policy analysis, tribal advocacy, Federal contracting, and US Small Business Administration certification programs.


Tom enjoys competitive cycling, southwest landscaping, Native American art, culture and history; he is a composer and singer of Northern Plains traditional music and member of multiple Native drum groups, and is a 35-year Navajo in-law. Tom is passionate about community service and he has served on boards of directors for both non-profits and tribally-owned corporations. He holds an MBA from the University of Colorado and a Bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth College.

Ryan Weiss

Mr. Weiss has a background in environment and water resources with a specialty in floodplain, stormwater and watershed planning and management. Prior to to co-founding High Water Mark with Ms. Suina, he worked for the US Forest Service, the NM Environment Department-Surface Water Quality Bureau and Los Alamos National Laboratory; all on surface water hydrology and water quality projects, ranging from erosion and sediment control, flood hazard mitigation, stream gage operation and maintenance; to stormwater quality monitoring and watershed assessment. In his previous career, he worked for the Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Council, as well as several environmental and river stewardship non-profits in the Taos area. Ryan currently provides environmental compliance and technical oversight of hydrology and water quality, flood hazard mitigation and watershed rehabilitation projects, including design, planning and field implementation.


Mr. Weiss earned his bachelor degree from Michigan State University and master degrees from the University of New Mexico in environmental planning and water resources from the School of Architecture and Planning and Master of Water Resources Program, respectively. He also earned a professional certificate in green stormwater infrastructure design from the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Washington. Ryan is a certified floodplain manager (CFM) through the Association of State Floodplain Managers Association chapter. Ryan is from the Great Lakes State of Michigan, where his love and knowledge of rivers, streams and lakes began. He spends as much time as possible with his family exploring the Southwest’s arroyos, rivers and streams that he now calls home.

Thelma Antonio

Thelma Antonio is our newest member to the High Water Mark team. A member from the Pueblo of Laguna, and a graduate from the University of New Mexico with a B.A. in Environmental Design and an M.B.A in Community & Regional Planning. Ms. Antonio has a background in project management, historical preservation and environmental compliance. Working with local communities (Laguna Pueblo, Sandia Pueblo and Santo Domingo Pueblo) as well as state and federal stakeholders (EPA, NEPA, DOE and USDA). She has served as a tribal member liaison for RE implementation, coordinated site visits pertaining to environmental and cultural sensitivity. Thelma is devoted to community self-sufficiency, education, and access to information. She is passionate in community planning, environmental implantation, renewable energy, architecture, historical preservation for all Native communities.  

Joseph Grimley

Mr. Grimley has a background in geology and hydrology with a specialty in erosion and sediment control, flood hazard mitigation and watershed restoration. Prior to joining the High Water Mark team, Mr. Grimley worked for the Pueblo de Cochiti’s Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, Los Alamos National Laboratories’ SAGE Program, and Colorado College’s Department of Southwest Studies. During this time, Mr. Grimley worked on surface water hydrology and water quality monitoring and sampling projects, sediment transport monitoring projects, and both geological and geophysical investigation projects.


Currently, Mr. Grimley provides technical assistance for erosion and sediment control, watershed restoration, flood hazard mitigation, and hazard mitigation planning projects. In addition, Mr. Grimley provides coordination assistance to emergency and disaster management projects for High Water Mark’s clientele; this includes meeting coordination, documentation and reporting, and multi-agency correspondence.


Mr. Grimley earned a bachelor degree in geology with a focus in hydrology, from Colorado College. He also has three years of professional research development across eight states in the regional West and Southwest. Mr. Grimley is from the Navajo Nation and Cochiti Pueblo. As an active member of both the Dine and Pueblo cultures, Mr. Grimley actively strives to bring technical assistance and support to local Native American communities.

Candace Dahozy

Candace is from Tohatchi, NM, she is of the Bitter Water Clan, born for the Folded Arms People. She is a graduate from the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology where she obtained her Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering. Ms. Dahozy’s interests include Transportation and Geotechnical Engineering. She is a Sequoyah Lifetime Member for the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES), where she helps Native American students pursue their educational goals in the S.T.E.M. field.


Joining the High Water Mark team as a Civil Engineer I, Candace is learning the background of FEMA , NM DHSEM, and project management. She ahs successfully assisted in completing projects for the Pueblo of Jemez, Pueblo de San Ildefonso and the White Sands National Monument. Her current projects  include documenting the footprint for permitting and scope of work in AutoCAD, as well as project managing for both the Village of Ruidoso and Santo Domingo Pueblo.

Bryn Fragua

Bryn has a background in natural sciences, and has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science from Haskell Indian Nations University. From the Pueblo of Jemez,  Bryn holds a sincere commitment to Native American community development with an emphasis on youth and the sciences. As a new member of the High Water Mark team, Mr. Fragua is currently assisting in construction and documentation compliance and environmental assessments.

Alexandra "Gabby" Rosetta

Alexandra has a background in professional writing and indigenous studies. Ms. Rosetta is a self-disciplined young Pueblo woman, with the needed experience and knowledge of cultural traditional values entwined with professional writing. Ms. Rosetta’s exceptional interpersonal skills and abilities to interact with community members  and professionals, including those from indigenous communities, and willingness for learning any skill quickly make her invaluable at High Water Mark’s community-based planning project with reporting requirements.


As the technical writer/editor for the High Water Mark team, Alexandra has offered her skills and enthusiasm to a broad range of endeavors. Currently she is assisting in FEMA disaster recovery reports and grant closeout documentation with the Pueblos of Cochiti, Jemez and Nambe, as well as comprehensive research for community development.


Ms. Rosetta graduated from the University of New Mexico, with a bachelor’s degree in English with a focus in professional writing and indigenous studies. With three years experience interning with her Pueblo of Santo Domingo and other non-profit organizations, Alexandra has developed a passion for professional writing for the pueblo communities of New Mexico.

Berta Rodriguez

Berta the Office Manager at High Water Mark and a Bernalillo native, has considerable experience in government contracting and procurement. Prior to joining the HWM team, Ms. Rodriguez worked with the Valles Caldera Trust as the Procurement Specialist and liaison, managing budgets, purchasing and contracting, as well as administrative tasks. She worked with a number of Federal Agencies, administering several different accounting software and programs to keep track of funds. Berta served as a staffer for U.S. Senator Pete Domenici working on various projects; the purchasing of the Valles Caldera Trust, Silvery Minnow controversy, San Luis water project and numerous other land and water related issues. Berta also has experience in both land and water issues, and experience working with rural and Pueblo communities.