Pueblo of Nambe

High Water Mark is working with the Pueblo of Nambe in recovering from successive years of debris flows and flash flooding in the Rio Nambe, which has been adversely impacted by the Molina Complex and Pacheco wildfires in the upper watershed within the recent past. In addition to watershed rehabilitation endeavors, infrastructure repair projects throughout the Pueblo of Nambe tribal lands are aimed at assisting in the recovery and repair to roads, transportation and water infrastructure and increasing the Pueblo’s resiliency through hazard mitigation measures. By collaborating with numerous local, tribal, state and federal entities, the Pueblo has gained funding and support for these endeavors. In addition, High Water Mark has assisted the Pueblo’s Engineering Department with hydrology and hydraulics assessments and the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources with energy and minerals development opportunities through the Office of Indian Affairs.

Pojoaque Valley Irrigation District

High Water Mark worked with the Pojoaque Valley Irrigation District and other acequia stakeholders in the Pojoaque Valley to restore capacity to the Nambe Falls Dam and Reservoir, which received debris flow and sedimentation from flash floods in 2013 and 2014. The severe storms, flash flooding and mudslides were declared as presidential disasters in 2013 and 2014. The dam and reservoir is part of the San Juan – Chama Project for supplemental irrigation water for the pueblos of Nambe, Pojoaque, San Ildefonso and numerous acequias in the Pojoaque Valley. By removing over 60,000 cubic yards of debris and sediment from the reservoir, the water storage capacity has been re-established to pre-disaster conditions.

Pueblo of Jemez

High Water Mark is working to assist the Pueblo of Jemez in the recovery from severe storms and flooding throughout their tribal lands that were adversely impacted by floods, stormwater, erosion and sedimentation. Roads and transportation, irrigation infrastructure, water and wastewater utilities and traditional structures are being repaired, and mitigation projects are being designed and implemented to help the Pueblo of Jemez become more resilient to future floods.

Pueblo de Cochiti

High Water Mark has been assisting the Pueblo de Cochiti with emergency response and disaster recovery from post Las Conchas Fire flooding that has damaged road and transportation infrastructure in addition to traditional structures at the pueblo. From implementing an early flood warning system to designing flood mitigation and watershed rehabilitation endeavors, High Water Mark has been working with the Pueblo on short and long term flood disaster and watershed recovery. In addition, High Water Mark has been working with the Pueblo and the US EPA on environmental remediation of gravel mines and implementation of a pilot green infrastructure project at the Pueblo.

Santo Domingo Pueblo

High Water Mark worked on behalf of the Santo Domingo Pueblo with FEMA in the damage assessment and recovery from heavy rain and flooding events that damaged numerous homes and traditional structures, in addition to traditional irrigation infrastructure, roads and transportation and water utilities infrastructure.

San Felipe Pueblo

High Water Mark worked with the Pueblo’s Administration and Department of Natural Resources to document impacts to the Pueblo from localized flooding and to strategize for flood mitigation and watershed management. The Pueblo used the information to apply for grant funding to improve water resources infrastructure.

Village of Pecos

High Water Mark worked with the Village of Pecos and landowners in the Village to assess post Tres Lagunas wildfire flood damages to infrastructure and property adjacent to the Pecos River.

Harding County

High Water Mark worked with Harding County staff to complete a hydrology and hydraulics assessment for a rural watershed in Harding County that was adversely impacted by severe storms and flooding. The County was able to utilize the report to secure grant funding to repair flood-damaged infrastructure.

Village of Ruidoso

High Water Mark is working with the Village of Ruidoso Administration and Public Works Department to implement flood recovery and hazard mitigation work for water and wastewater infrastructure that was damaged in successive years of flash flooding.

Pueblo de San Ildefonso

High Water Mark has been working with the Pueblo de San Ildefonso to assess flood damages, apply and secure funding to recover from floods and to implement infrastructure repair work.

Community Outreach and Education

High Water Mark believes in doing work for the public good, and working hard to engage the next generation of leaders in the communities we work in. Every year, our staff donate many hours of work pro bono publico, for community, educational and environmental causes. We have participated in the Santa Fe Indian School Community Based Education program on agriculture, environmental science and water resources curricula, presented water resources curriculum to Santa Fe Public Schools middle school science classrooms, and have worked with the Pena Blanca Water and Sanitation District on drinking water and water quality issues in the community. If you are interested in collaborating with High Water Mark, please contact us.